Alela & Alina: Harmonies Good for the Soul

Alela and Alina: Alliteration Abounds!
So, big news in the folk world (which consists of more people than just myself, turn out), is that Alela Diane and Alina Hardin are teaming up for an EP! It is called "Alela and Alina." Duh. It's being sold as a "companion album" to Diane's (excellent) album released earlier this year To Be Still.

There are six songs total on this ep: some old, some new. The three I have heard are absolutely lovely, my favorite being "Bowling Green"

While I must admit that I had not even heard of Alina's name before this glorious event, I gave both her and the duo a good listening to (based on the sole theory that anything Alela is involved with must be pleasant to the ears) and I was not disappointed. Alina has a soft, whispery voice, and a simple guitar to accompany her. Together, their voices find their home. Somehow they just fit perfectly. It is beautiful to behold.

The EP is available now via Rough Trade Records and there's even a special 10" vinyl. But, buy quickly. They are only printing 100 copies!

(plus, their song, "The Rake" correlates with my homework reading, so this can't even be considered procrastination. Thanks guys!)


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