Los Campesinos! New Song, Video, Member, Album

Los Campesinos! Do Things!
Los Campesinos have been busy as ever recently and as always, we are invited along for the ride through their incessantly updated genius of a blog. First on the list is the replacement for their departed member Aleks Campesinos! who decided to go back to school. It turns out the replacement is none other than lead singer Gareth Campesinos!'s younger sister, Kim (aka the red head to the side). You can (and should) watch their hilarious football-draft-parody about it here.
And, as previously reported, the Welsh septet is working on their third LP (in only 2 years!) which supposedly is about "shagging and death," which is great. The album is to be called There Are Listed Buildings. While there is no release date for the album as of yet (rumors suggest we have to wait until next year), we get a little taste of their recent work in the form of the single "The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future." The track finds lead singer/lyricist Gareth exploring darker themes and more distressed characters over the same energetic instrumentals that we have come to love the Campesinos! for. Overall the result is a more mature sound delivered as passionately and sincerely as ever, which bodes well for the future longevity of the band. The song will be available on a single sided 7" (the band is all about 7"s) on the bands upcoming tour of England, and for a limited time thereafter.
Here is also a video for the song, created by Ellen, the Campesinos!'s bass player.


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