Seeing Suge - "Breaking"

I was reflecting yesterday about how blog-music sees really quick trends that build, peak and fade but leave some wonderful music in its wake. Two of the most dominant trends these days are Beach House originated dream pop (Twin Sister, Memoryhouse etc) and some sort of soulful sample based chill-wave (Beat Connection, Wise Blood etc). As part of the Collaborations project that we wrote about several times, "Breaking" was the work of Seeing Suge. Star Slinger, Emay and Blackbird Blackbird combined their efforts and created a product that combined the two above mentioned trends and added hip-hop as third. The Memoryhouse sampling track utilizes ambient washes and mechanistic wafts that punctuate the alternating hip-hop and dream pop vocal parts. Exquisite. Innovative. One of the top tracks of the year. Highly recommended. Buy the single at bandcamp for three dollars.

Seeing Suge - Breaking


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