Hooray for Earth :: True Loves

There are some songwriters who seem to simply discover melodies, as if song craft was no different from walking out your door and breathing fresh air. Each song, each chord, each note falls precisely into place seemingly preordained by the gods of song. Hooray for Earth, led by Noel Heroux, embodies this notion to the fullest. Says Heroux:
“I don’t write music with an instrument, I usually just get an idea of what the whole song sounds like in my head, kind of like an earworm that stays with you after listening to the radio. My task is to recreate what’s stuck in my head in actual audible form, as quickly as possible.”
And when Noel Heroux says "quickly" he means quickly. Less than a year after the release of their fantastic EP, Momo, Hooray for Earth are gearing up to drop their full length, True Loves, a joyous collection of melodic pop sure to yield some of the year's best songs.

The band has a clear gift for infectious rhythms and "earworm" vocal melodies. Opener "Realize It's Not the Sun" slowly unfolds with what sounds like a choir of baritones in an open-air African market. Heroux's voice hovers over all and is quickly joined by tribal beats and yelps. It's a sound deeply rooted in gospel, afro-pop and communal singing.

Second track, "Last Minute" and third track "Sails" both showcase the band's propensity for stadium-worthy hooks. It's almost impossible to listen to the songs and not imagine a large and youthful crowd singing along to every word (Think early MGMT singles minus the ego). Standout "True Loves" falls right in between the African and stadium influences and is a no-doubt candidate for single of the year.

Side 2 slows down from the torrent pace of the first five tracks, but still holds on to the melodic and rhythmic integrity established in the first half. Closer "Black Trees" revisits and reinterprets the beat from "True Loves" in a slower and more contemplative track. The melodies close out the album with the same emotional powerful with which they opened it.

This album will appeal to fans of MGMT, Passion Pit, Twin Shadow as well as more afro-influenced acts like Ra Ra Riot, Vampire Weekend, Paul Simon and the Lion King soundtrack (not kidding). It's a record as genius as it is unpretentious. Well worth your time.


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