News from Finland: Keramick and Lobo

Given my love for all things Scandinavian, I have been a little confused at the lack of coverage on the Finnish side of things. And, as a matter of fact, there are a lot of great bands from Finland! For example, Keramick and Lobo are a duo hailing from the nations capitol Helsinki and consists of Jussi Mikkonen and Visa Mäkinen. Their music is heavily electronic but has textures similar to the Notwist (and other Kid A influenced softspoken electro bands). The video's snowy landscapes match perfectly to the cozy soundscape of the song and somehow makes everything feel really warm. Also, if one were judge a band by their listed influences on myspace Keramick and Lobo would win. Who else cites Air, Grizzly Bear, MF DOOM, R. Kelly, Bon Iver, AND Tom Waits? No one.


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